1. Who are we?

We are 10 Vietnamese mothers aged from 25 to 37, studying and working in Czech Republic for many years or living here since we were little. We speak Czech, English, German, Chinese and obviously Vietnamese fluently.

We understand the differences between two nations and the difficulties Vietnamese families are facing, especially when they have children and their language ability isn‘t good enough to help them easily integrate into the multicultural enviroment.

As a result, we established this non-governmental organization named „Làm Cha Mẹ CZ“


2. What is „Làm Cha Mẹ CZ“?

Làm Cha Mẹ CZ (LCMcz) is a Vietnamese phrase, meaning ´´parenting´´

At first, this was just a group on Facebook in order for Vietnamese parents  to share useful information, help each other to analyze or explain some problems that the members of the group are facing, instruct how to take care of and educate children, share life experiences, participate in surveys and researches, organize community activities and events for children together.

To be specific …

4. What has LCMcz done?

Regarding education: we have been finding teachers teaching extra classes for children, cooperating with other organizations or introducing sports courses such as Taekwondo from Sejong centre, swimming courses and camping activities for children at swimming training school Aquamarin, physical education centre Bodypoint, intructing parents on how to find suitable schools for their children, conducting talkshow programmes with the members with high achievement in study along with Vietnamese people living abroad to know more about various education systems all over the world, introducing interesting books which are suitable for different ages, encouraging people to be members of the nearby libraries, organizing English writing competitions for children, motivating children to review their favorite books …

Regarding healthcare: we have been helping our members to know more about healthcare systems in Czech Republic, doctor registration, insurance; encouraging parents to share childbirth experiences at the maternity hospital, introducing/comparing a variety of medicines, posting useful information about different diseases, sharing knowlegde of childcare. Meanwhile, we have been cooperating with MedViet group to appeal for bone marrow donation and participating in blood donation.

Regarding social security in general: we have been posting useful information about traditional Czech festivals and holidays, sharing basic knowledge about the Czech Republic, insurance system, education and healthcare system, recommending life support applications, introducing various hang out places, providing emergency phone numbers , participating research programmes with practical aims conducted by Dc. Formankova, Hřesanová, together getting to know and conducting charity programmes, exchanging used objects…

Regarding entertainment: we have conducted community outdoor activities in Mirakulum, Gutovka, Vetrnicek kindergarten, a skating activity at IceArea and Christmas night at K Dolum primary school.

Regarding mental health, emotional wellness, values and attitudes: we have been conducting writing competitions about the myriad of topics such as “Your favourite woman”, “Your favourite teacher”, life lessons, live-streaming with guests who inspire us with positive energy, learning about many problems, for example, postpartum depression, stress, autistic children….

5. What is LCMcz doing?

  • Contacting other organizations in order to create more opportunities for integrating and helping in all fields.
  • Finding teachers or voluntary students who are willing to help Vietnamese students to study better
  • Arranging student groups according to different subjects in order to help each other
  • Cooperating with various sports clubs with an aim to creat more opportunities of physical activities for the juvenile
  • Helping parents who are raising young children have more of a chance to connect with more people and hopefully find a job when their children are able to go to the school.

And many other activities…

6. What are the aims of “Làm cha mẹ CZ”?

  • To help Vietnamese better integrate into day to day life in the Czech Republic
  • To enhance the quality of Vietnamese students studies at Czech schools
  • To reduce discrimination caused by the misunderstandings of cultural crossing and raise awareness of civilization.
  • To increase the positive things and lessen the negative things in life.

If you are willing to help us, join LCMcz